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Children in Year 1 will bring home two reading books. One is a RWI book which they have been reading in their daily phonics lesson, the second is a 'reading for pleasure book' which can be changed on Monday and Thursday. Every child should read every day to an adult at home. 

Re-reading familiar texts support fluency and speed reading key words.

Both books should be brought to school each day.


Maths: Sent out on Wednesday via Tapestry.
Your child will be expected to complete a short maths task at home each week.  This could be in the form of a talking activity or something more practical. Occasionally, the task is set on the Purple Mash portal for which each child has their own login. 
Please show that your child has completed this work by the following Wednesday by posting a photo to Tapestry. 
If the task is not understood, please speak to your child’s class teacher. 


Writing: A short writing task is sent home each week on Friday to be completed by the following Friday. This homework should be completed with a sharp pencil (no biro or felt pen) whilst sitting at a table. Please do not return the sheet to school but do post a photo of the work to Tapestry.

Please remember that your child will have been working hard all day so may not be able to focus on homework – don’t worry, try again another time, little and often with lots of praise for effort is often better than trying to do it all in one go.


Pre-teach packs

Some children will receive packs on a Friday to introduce the vocabulary and learning that will be taught the following week. The aim of these packs is to support vocabulary development, particularly for those children who have English as an additional language. Families can talk about the pictures and future topics in their home language which supports the child's learning and understanding in class.