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Our Provision Map

Our Provision Map

Schools in Surrey have also been advised to publish their Provision Map: a document outlining examples of how we can adapt the curriculum, environment, resources and staffing arrangements in order to best meet the needs of our pupils.  Our Provision Map can be downloaded here (click on link to open Provision Map).

Our provision map is arranged in three ‘waves’ of teaching.  The SEND Code of Practice (2015) states that: “high quality teaching that is differentiated and personalised will meet the individual needs of the majority of children and young people”.  This is the Quality First Teaching labelled as Wave 1.

Schools are required to “adopt a graduated approach with four stages of action: assess, plan, do and review”. If at the assessment stage schools determine that a child is not making expected progress they should plan additional provision to help close the gap between the child’s attainment and that of their peers.  This may take the form of a small group intervention i.e. Wave 2.

If, when reviewed, it is found that the additional provision has not succeeded in sufficiently accelerating the child’s progress then the provision should be altered.  After one or more cycles of review it may be found that the child requires more individualised support at Wave 3.

Many children receiving Wave 3 provision will be classified as having a Special Educational Need (SEN).  Further details regarding legal definition of SEN and our school’s process for the identification and support of those with SEN can be found in the school’s SEN Information Report (see section above).