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School Rules

We have a few simple rules that are easy for the children to follow and were developed with the pupils.


  • Move carefully
    • Make sure you don’t hurt anyone.
    • Keep yourself safe.


  • Listen to each other
    • Listen to other children so you can understand their feelings.
    • Listen to adults so you can learn.


  • Respect everyone
    • Think about other people’s feelings when you work and play.
    • Make sure what you do helps everyone to learn at school.



Each teacher develops behaviour systems that adhere to these school rules for their own classroom.  There is also a Behaviour Ladder of Consequence which is used by all staff to ensure consistency of behaviour management throughout the school.


Playground Rules – follow the whole school rules and we encourage children to:

  • Keep our playground tidy by putting away equipment and using the litter bins.

  • Stand still and listen when the hand bell is rung and line up without pushing.


We also have a policy on Behaviour Management.  The aim of our policy is to encourage good behaviour and respect for adults, other children and the environment. In order to achieve this we have a whole school approach which celebrates children’s achievements and positive behaviour at every opportunity.