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School Fund

In order to finance some events for the children at the school, we ask for a yearly contribution of £35 over the duration of their time at Onslow, due each September.

The school hopes that parents will consider that this is exceptional value for money for what the children get in return during their 3 years here.  Unfortunately if the school does not continue to receive enough funding in this way, we will have to ask for individual payments for each event, which would certainly add up to quite a bit more than the one-off payment currently requested.
The fund pays for events such as:
  • Visits by theatrical groups
  • Workshops and visits by other educational groups 
  • Visits by authors and storytellers
  • Christmas Parties 
The fund is used to add value to your child's education and time at the school. 

The school will ask, however, for parents to pay for any school trips.  The cost is kept to a minimum but the contribution will cover the cost of any coaches and entrance fees to the places being visited. 

The fund account is also used as an administrative tool for handling the payments by parents for school trips, school uniform etc.  This payment can be made by using our on-line payment facility, by cash or by cheque.


To view our policy on Charging and Remissions, go to 'School Information' click on 'Policies' and look for the policy 'Charging and Remissions', or click on the link below to go to the Policies section.