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Eco 2020

I have enjoyed being the lead of the Eco team for four years now. Along with two other members of staff we have had some successful years of developing our yearly Eco teams. We have always started our first session by going on a trip to Woking to WWF. This is a time for the team to come together, as well as to gain Eco ideas about what we would like to do at Onslow and to gain an understanding about what Eco means. Due to Covid we have not been able to organise our trip physically but we will be having our meeting virtually with WWF in January.


We had our first meeting outside in the Green Room in our bubbles. The children received their Eco badges and we set the task of making posters for Beep Beep day, which is part of Road Safety week. Everyone had the opportunity to design their posters and display them around the school.

Our next project will be to plant herbs and pollinating flowers for the wildlife to explore, as well as for Year 2's to be able to identify a range of flowers and plants.