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Crazy Cooking **NEW CLUB** - MONDAYS - Yr 1 & 2 - Autumn Term starts on 9 Sep

Run by Singolingo

Year 1 & 2


MONDAYS  3.00 - 4.00pm in the school hall

Please collect your child from the office entrance


Dates for Autumn Term:  9 Sep - 9 Dec 2024

£120 for 12 weeks

PLEASE NOTE: There is no club on 7 October or 25 November!



Food and takeaway container provided.



Take a virtual trip around the world and cook the native dishes of lands far away!  Chop, cut, mince, slice and mix your way to a delicious meal.  You will be given simple cooking instructions to follow with a parent or carer at home, and the recipe card will also be sent to your parent or carer so you can make the recipe another time at home.


Contact:  Sabrina: 07936711013


Book online: