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Mission Statement and Aims

At Onslow School we aim to develop the full potential of each child.  We encourage all children to be independent, confident and caring and develop a love of learning.


We aim to:

  • Ensure that children are kept safe and understand how to keep themselves safe.  We will encourage our children to make healthy choices.

  • Provide a secure, encouraging atmosphere where children will feel valued and confident whilst developing their enthusiasm for learning.

  • Help the children to relate to others by developing a caring, unselfish and respectful attitude towards all members of our school and the wider community reflecting our British values.

  • Provide a broad curriculum in which each child can grow personally, socially, and academically, so that they can approach challenges of the future with confidence.

  • Provide equal opportunities for all.  We aim to develop a close partnership with parents, governors and the local community.

  • Ensure that resources are used responsibly and effectively to ensure economic sustainability.

  • Foster the continuous development of a dedicated, nurturing and knowledgeable staff and make full use of their expertise.