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Welcome to the Governors' section.

The Governing Body of our school is an important part of the strategic management of the school.  Its role is to help us as a school to plan and set targets to ensure we maintain high standards not only in the children's learning, but also in areas such as behaviour and safety.  Governors also look at the resources that the children and staff have available to them to help enrich the curriculum and the learning opportunities for the children.  As part of all of this the Governing Body also ensure budgets are set and are in compliance with Government and local guidelines. 


The Governing Body regularly reviews the skillsets it has to ensure that it is effective within its role and looks to recruit governors accordingly.  If you think that you may have the qualities required to become a governor at the school, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of Governors ('Tricia McIntosh) or the Clerk to Governors via the school.   


The Governing Body at Onslow Infant School consists of 14 Members. 

The Governing Body is broken down as follows: 2 elected Parent Governors; 1 Local Authority appointed Governors; 9 Co-Opted Governors; 2 members of Staff including the Head Teacher.

The Governing Body and each of its Committees meets at least once a term.  Due to a change in focus for this year the full governing body will meet at least twice each term and will only operate one separate committee - Finance & Staffing.  All other matters previously covered by the other two committees - Children & Learning and Premises & Community will be now be considered at full governing body meetings.


Some Governors also take on a nominated role such as Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs or British Values and report back to the Governing Body regularly on these subject matters.  In this way Governors are kept informed as to what is happening in the school and can then also further support the staff involved with these subject matters when necessary.