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Waste Week 7th-11th March 2016

The school took part in Waste Week which will run from 7th-11th March 2016. 


All the children in the school took part in  a drama workshop during this week entitled 'Superhero Recycling'.


We re-launched collection facilities for toner cartridges and were now also able to include collecting old mobile phones and we continue to offer this service.


The children had an assembly giving examples of how we can recycle and re-use things to help cut down on waste.  They were also given information about how things are recycled or if they are taken to landfill and what this also means.


Each day every class also had nominated monitors for water, paper, energy and food waste.  As a result of this we now have weekly monitors in each class and the children are given an appropriately coloured wrist band (blue for water, red for paper, yellow for energy and green for food waste) with the aim to monitor and reduce waste.