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STEM Week is the celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We have had some wonderful activities and talks.

We had a talk on climate change and did an experiment to explain why the polar ice caps are melting faster than ever, then we were visited by Dr Maggie from CBBC who talked to us about going to the moon and she helped launch our own rockets! In the afternoon we had a talk about structural engineering and the process of creating something from the first stages of a drawing to the actual structure in real life, we had a go for ourselves using the construction materials in the classroom.

We had a 'Challenge Room' day! We found our classrooms transformed into a space station, under the sea, a rainbow, ancient Egypt and a library! In each room we had to solve puzzles to find keys to unlock a special case that contained a number for our secret password! It was great fun!

We built bridges from construction sets, tested them and then improved them. We had a talk on astronomy by Mr Gallagher where we learnt about the planets and moons in our solar system. We also had a talk from Miss Hamilton about materials and how we use them for different things.