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From Monday 8th March please follow the planning below for periods of self isolation. 



Tapestry will be our main method of keeping in touch with children and families that are isolating.  If you are experiencing any problems, or require login details for Purple Mash, Bug Club or Tapestry, please email: 


Year 1 - SummerTerm home learning for those children self isolating.

Approximate daily learning time – 2 hours every day 


What to do:

Reading (15 minutes).

  • Please listen to your child read on Bug Club every day.


  • Listen out for them reading confidently, without having to sound each word out individually.


  • Can they read with expression, pausing appropriately at the punctuation? Model this by taking turns to read a page.

  • Please spend a few minutes talking about the book, what happened in the book, what they think about it and why?

  • Check if there are any words they do not understand or ask them to find a word in the book that means the same as……

  • Answer the bug club comprehension questions hiding within the books.


Phonics and Spelling (10 minutes)

  • Log on to purple mash for the spelling ninja and phonics videos. Are there any that you didn’t get around to during lock down?


  • Visit Phonics Play, which is a great site to continue reading words and applying sounds. You can access many games for free. Focus on phase 5.


    Writing (25 minutes)  These lessons are on Oak Academy via the links below:

    The lesson have been chosen as they link most closely with the work your child           would be doing in school. Complete 1 lesson per day. 

First period of self isolation:

Instructions: how to make a paper crown - Oak National Academy ( 10 lessons


Second period of self isolation:

English lessons for Key Stage 1 students - Oak National Academy ( 10 lessons

Go with your child’s level of confidence and ability and use the target train to focus on what needs to be included in a sentence. 

A copy of the target train image is at the bottom of this text.


The purple pen is used to edit writing after reading it back and spotting errors in spelling, missed words or punctuation. Reading their work back and editing with an adult is an important part of the writing process so please take time to look at the work they have done each day. All letters should now be written in cursive.


Maths (30 minutes)

Log onto and go to the current week. Children can follow the learning on the video and write their answers on a piece of paper or whiteboard. There is time built into the video for responding to questions but you can pause if longer time is needed.


  • Warm up by practising counting to 100 and back in 10s, 2’s and 5’s from any number. 


Topic Learning (30 minutes) Choose one per day: 

Science - Outdoor learning activities:

  • Learning the names of different flowering plants and trees.

  • Draw and label different parts of a plant (trees and flowers) include the parts of theplant that you can not see. What do these parts of the plant do?

  • Recognise the change in seasons – How do we know it is Spring? (hours of daylight, seasonal changes, etc.,)

  • Bug hunting and recording.

  • Create a weather diary and film your own weather report.




Stay active with


Change for life activities




You will have your own unique login details in order to access the Charanga Yumu site. Once you have logged in you will be able to access the package called “Your Imagination”. Just click on the launch button and work through the activities on the right hand side. Please work through the package over the course of this half term by listening to the songs, talking about them and listening out for the different instruments. Work at you own pace and most importantly, enjoy it!

Design and Technology


Structures: freestanding structures - Oak National Academy ( 10 lessons



Playing with rhymes and stories - Oak National Academy ( 5 lessons



Writing targets

Planning from Lockdown..

Spring 2 CASTLES