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EYFS/ Year R


Year R - Spring Term home learning for those children self isolating.


Approximate daily learning time – 2 hours every day


What to do:


Reading (15 minutes).

· Please listen to your child read their school book or on Bug Club every day.

· Please spend a few minutes talking about the book, what happened in the book, what they think about it and why?

· Check if there are any words they do not understand or ask them to find a word in the book that means the same as...

· Answer the bug club comprehension questions hiding within the books.


Phonics and Spelling (20 minutes)

· Visit Phonics Play , which is a great site to learn sounds. You can access many games for free. Focus on phase 2.

· Use the phonic sheets at the bottom of this page to practise each sound. Have a go at writing the sounds, ensuring your child forms them correctly. 

· Use the key word lists below to learn how to read and spell the high frequency words. Cut them out and pin them up around the house. Go on a 'key word hunt' to find and read them all. 

. Work through the Phase 2 phonics booklet below - 10 minutes a day. 


Writing (15 - 20 minutes)

·Practise writing the sounds and tricky words we have learned in sand, salt etc. Copy them as many times as you can before the 30 second timer runs out!

·Develop your writing muscles by building with small construction, playing with playdough, pegging up washing and cutting with scissors. 

Have a go at writing some simple words using the sounds we have taught e.g:

- cat

- dog 

- pig 

- bus 

- rat 

- pin 





Maths (30 minutes)

·Learn all about the Numberblocks and numbers 1-5 here: 

· Log onto and go to the current week. You may wish to watch previous weeks to recap prior learning before moving on. Children can follow the learning on the video and write their answers on a piece of paper or whiteboard. There is time built into the video for responding to questions but you can pause if longer time is needed.


Topic Learning (30 minutes) Choose one per day:



You will have your own unique login details in order to access the Charanga Yumu site. Once you have logged in you will be able to access the package called “Everyone”. Just click on the launch button and work through the activities on the right hand side. Please work through the package over the course of this half term by listening to the songs, talking about them and listening out for the different instruments. Work at you own pace and most importantly, enjoy it!



· Stay active with

· Change for life activities



· Lessons to help your child understand the coronavirus at an age appropriate level: (6 lessons)