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French - MONDAYS - Year 2 only - last session 14 December

La Jolie Ronde French Club

Teacher:  Mrs Ruth Rayment

Year 2 only


Dates: 21 September - 14 December 2020

(extended by 2 weeks, to make up 2 cancelled lessons in November)


Dates for Spring Term: 11 January - 22 March 2021



MONDAYS  3.00pm – 4.00pm in The Hive

Please collect your child from the gate by the office entrance


When first starting the course there is an additional cost of £16.99 to
cover the cost of the activity book, CD etc  


COVID-19 update:  Text Books will stay in school for the term.


A half term's notice is required or a half term's fees must be paid, therefore you commit your child for a minimum of one full term or two terms if notice is given too late. 
Notice must be given in writing to the teacher and addressed to La Jolie Ronde.



Please contact Ruth Rayment direct to check if place available.

Contact Ruth Rayment:  01483 533895 or 07890 800035