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Eco-Schools Launch Assembly - 2 February 2016

On Tuesday 2nd February the Eco-Schools Committee ran an assembly to fully introduce the topics that the school will be covering on our Eco-Schools journey and highlighted the first topic we are concentrating on which is 'Litter'.


We would also like all our children to become Green Ambassadors, not only helping us as an Eco-School, but also at home so that we all become more environmentally friendly.  The children were  introduced to the Green Ambassador characters who help them to remember how they can actively become involved by ensuring simple they do simple things such as turning off the lights when they leave a room.  Click on the link below to view the short film the children watched during the assembly.



The Eco-Schools Committee have been actively involved in preparing for the assembly, writing their own words about a particular topic and using props on the day to help get the message across.


Below are some photos of the committee and their props!

Click on the link below to view a short section of the assembly when the committee read out their own messages about how everyone can help with being more environmentally friendly.  The sound is very quiet - so you will need the volume up high!

Assembly Video-compressed.mp4

Still image for this video

Below is the presentation used during the assembly. 



The following are the paragraphs the children wrote and read out to the rest of the school during the presentation:

Character 'Crush' slides:

Jonny - make sure you throw your banana skins and other fruit waste into the food bin and waste paper in the paper re-cycling bin.

Edward - The paper you throw in the paper bin will be re-cycled back into paper and will help save our trees and the environment.

Character 'Smith' slides:

Lucy - Eat up all your lunch so you don't waste food.

Harry - We can also help by growing some of our own food at school and remember to eat fruit and vegetables to keep us healthy.

Character 'Tap' slides:

Finn - Remember to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth to save water.

Amy - Saving water also means saving energy.  You can use some waste water to water your plants and you could also collect rain water to use in your garden.

Character 'Switch' slides:

Amelia - Turn off the computer when you have finished using it.  Turn off the lights when you are leaving the room.

Character 'Leafy' slides:

Wynn - Help look after all the creatures in the world.  Try not to step on minibeasts.

Kiara - We need to help our planet now and stop cutting down trees as the leaves help to produce oxygen so we can breathe.

Character 'Wheel' slide:

Clara - Help Wheel to make the roads clearer and safer by encouraging more people to walk.  It doesn't matter where you are going you can still walk, but if it is a long way you can use your scooter or bicycle, go on the train or take a bus.

Charlie - If lots more people ride bikes and scooters the roads won't be as busy and this will also make it safer.