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Eco-School Committee trip to WWF Centre November 2015

On Friday 9th November our elected Eco-Committee had an exciting trip to the World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Centre which is located in Woking. 


We all met at 9.00am at Guildford station and caught a train to Woking and then walked to the centre.  It was quite an adventure using the train to reach our destination. 


All 12 members of the committee along with Miss Donlon, Mrs Burchell, Mrs Zazzera and some of our parents had a great morning learning about our planet and how we can help look after it.  The children also had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and into the offices to find out what makes the building so special, which uses smart design, materials and technology to provide an efficient building with minimal environmental impact.


After the visit everyone was inspired to do more to help the planet and make our school more eco friendly.  Now the challenge is to get everyone in the school community involved!