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Our Winter Walk

 We went for a Winter walk to the Arboretum! We were spotting signs of winter and looking to see how much things had changed since our Autumn walk. 

  We would like to say a big thank you to all the Mummies and Mrs Pentecost who joined us and made the afternoon so much fun!

Picture 1 No more leaves on the deciduous trees!
Picture 2 The evergreens looked the same!
Picture 3 It was very muddy!
Picture 4 The grass was wet but it hadn't rained!
Picture 5 One minute it was cloudy...
Picture 6 ...then the sun came out, but it was cold!
Picture 7 This evergreen tree looks very Autumnal!
Picture 8 The eucalyptus tree leaves that are still green!
Picture 9 Our boots were very messy!