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In line with many other schools and as part of our 'eco-schools project', we have introduced a paper free method of sending letters and information home to parents.  The school uses a system called 'parentmail' which allows us to send emails to one or both parents and the emails will have attachments where appropriate.  The school will only send paper copies of letters to those parents who do not have access to emails.

Text messaging is used in cases of emergency, for instance if the school has to be closed for any reason.  You can register to receive text messages even if you cannot receive emails.

Copies of all letters sent out also appear on the school website, these can be found under 'Letters' and then click on 'Letters Home'.  Letters will be identified by Year Group if appropriate only for the classes in that year group. 

Copies of all letters sent out are also available in a file kept in the front reception area for your reference. 

If you are unable to print out a letter that requires a form to be completed, slips are available from the front reception area that you can complete with the appropriate details. 

To receive 'parentmail', text messages or both you will need to register via the Parentmail website.  Please ask the school office for instructions and a passcode.